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Our program is run by a dedicated group of volunteer bakers who gladly give of their time & talent so that students can celebrate special occasions.  When you place an order, we ask that you do so as early as possible so that we can have the appropriate time to make the necessary arrangements.

We typically do not bake items during the College’s breaks (i.e. Fall break, Winter break, or Spring break). However, if your daughter or son is going to be in Grinnell during this period, and you would like to send something, you may contact us and we will try to accommodate your requests.


On the appointed day, the baker will deliver the treats to the front desk of the Joe Rosenfield Center (JRC).  Students will receive an e-mail to let them know a special treat is waiting for them to pick up.  The JRC desk is staffed, and they will hold onto the item until the student picks it up.  If the student doesn’t come in a reasonable time, they will phone or e-mail a reminder.  It is the most reliable and convenient way for us to deliver baked items to students who typically have a very busy and fluctuating schedule.  No deliveries are made during Breaks: Oct 19-27; Dec 21-Jan.19; Mar 15-30; or after May 16

Decorations & Dietary Contraints

We try our best to make all of our baked goods both attractive & festive, but we would be the first to admit that we are not professional bakers, so we are unable to execute elaborate decorations, flowers made of icing, writing on cakes, etc. That said, the items are all home-baked, decorated with rustic charm, delivered in customized bakery boxes, with an inscribed note card and birthday candles (if you choose).

Below, you will find brief descriptions of the various baked goods & packages we offer.

Please note: If your daughter or son has any special dietary restrictions or allergies, we will try to accommodate them. We have a small collection of recipes for gluten-free, vegan, diabetic, & egg-free deserts that we can draw upon; and we are quite conscientious when it comes to issues of cross-contamination and understanding processed ingredients. Please feel free to contact Judi Barber, our coordinator, directly at with any questions or concerns you may have about these matters.

Cakes & Cupcakes ($25)

The most popular request from families is Birthday cakes.  Cakes may be 9×13 sheet cakes or traditional layer cakes, depending on the baker’s choice.  If you have a strong preference, please indicate it under the comment section of the order form.

If you prefer cupcakes,  your student will receive more than a dozen individual cupcakes delivered in a special cupcake holder box .

Whether you choose to order a traditional cake or cupcakes, we will also provide birthday candles and matches for the occasion.

Cookies ($25)

We offer a choice of chocolate chip cookies or  oatmeal raisin cookies.

Brownies ($25)

We offer a choice of chocolate brownies, either with or without nuts.

Family/Special Recipes ($30)

We realize that many families have long-standing traditions so we allow families to send in the recipe they would like us to make for their son or daughter. If you traditionally make a great carrot cake to celebrate birthdays, or if your kids grew up eating peanut butter cookies or lemon bars, and you’d like that tradition to continue, just check the special recipe box on the order form and mail/email us a copy of the recipe. We only ask that it not be a recipe requiring rare ingredients or an extremely high level of technical competence.

Special Celebration Packages

J.B. Grinnell Special ($65)  Includes birthday cake or other treat, plus two Brownie care packages (one each semester).  Saves $10

Pioneer Package ($45)  Includes birthday cake or other treat, plus one Brownie care package (choice of Fall or Spring semester).  Saves $5.

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